Plácido Domingo's Operalia 2017: Final Round

The World Opera Competition – Live from the Astana Opera, Astana, Kazakhstan

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Ruslana Koval — Soprano (Ukraine)

Kristina Mkhitaryan — Soprano (Russia)

Leon Kim — Barítono (South Korea)

So Young Park — Soprano (South Korea)

Emmett O’Hanlon — Barítono (USA)

Oksana Sekerina — Soprano (Russia)

Levy Sekgapane — Tenor (South Africa)

Boris Prýgl — Bajo-barítono (Czech Republic)

Vlada Borovko — Soprano (Russia)

Rupert Enticknap — Contratenor (United Kingdom)

Adela Zaharia — Soprano (Romania)

Sooyeon Lee — Soprano (South Korea)

Davide Giusti — Tenor (Italy)

Maria Mudryak — Soprano (Kazakhstan)

Damiana Mizzi — Soprano (Italy)

Marco Ciaponi — Tenor (Italy)

Astana Opera Symphony Orchestra

Sobre el programa...

This year, the final round of Plácido Domingo's competition Operalia presented by Rolex takes place on the stage of the Astana Opera in Kazakhstan! One of the year's not-to-be-missed lyric opera events!

Founded in 1993 by Plácido Domingo, this competition has brought some of today's most celebrated singers onto the world stage, including Sonya Yoncheva, Joyce DiDonato, Ludovic Tezier, Rolando Villazón, Stéphane Degout, Inva Mula, Nina Stemme, José Cura, John Osborn, Susanna Phillips, and many others. For its eighth year, has become partner in the competition.

Operalia's goal is clear: to create a platform for today's greatest young operatic talents and to boost their professional careers. In Plácido Domingo's own words : "Talent alone is not enough; it is also essential for young singers to come to the attention of those impresarios, managers, casting directors, conductors and stage directors who can further their professional careers. My purpose in Operalia is to help identify not only the best voices, but also to discover those singers whose personalities, characters and powers of interpretation show that they have the potential to become complete artists. Individuals such as these become tomorrow's stars. This is why the jury is not exclusively made up of great singers but also includes general managers, stage directors and casting directors."

Plácido Domingo – Official website

And the 2017 Operalia winners are:
First-Prize winner (male): Levy Sekgapane
First-Prize winner (female): Adela Zaharia
Second-Prize winner (male): Davide Giusti
Second-Prize winner (female): Kristina Mkhitaryan
Third-Prize winner (male): Leon Kim
Third-Prize winner (female): Maria Mudryak
The Birgit Nilsson Prize winner (male): Boris Prygl
The Birgit Nilsson Prize winner (female): Oksana Sekerina
The Pepita Embil Prize of Zarzuela winner: Adela Zaharia
The Don Plácido Domingo Ferrer Prize of Zarzuela winner: Marco Ciaponi
The Culturarte Prize Chosen and offered by Bertita & Guillermo Martinez from CulturArte de Puerto Rico: Sooyeon Lee
The Audience Prize winner (male): Leon Kim
The Audience Prize winner (female): Maria Mudryak



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