Operalia 2014: la final del concurso en directo de la Ópera de Los Ángeles – con Plácido Domingo

The World Opera Competition – Hosted by the Los Angeles Opera

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Mario Chang — Tenor (Guatemala, 24)

Anaïs Constans — Soprano (France, 26)

Carol Garcia — Mezzosoprano (Spain, 30)

Joshua Guerrero — Tenor (USA/Mexico, 31)

John Holiday — Contratenor (USA, 29)

Alisa Kolosova — Mezzosoprano (Russia, 27)

Abdellah Lasri — Tenor (Morocco, 32)

Yi Li — Tenor (China, 30)

Andrey Nemzer — Contratenor (Russia, 31)

Christina Poulitsi — Soprano (Greece, 31)

Mariangela Sicilia — Soprano (Italy, 28)

Rachel Willis-Sørensen — Soprano (USA, 30)

Amanda Woodbury — Soprano (USA, 26)

LA Opera Orchestra

Plácido Domingo — Director

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Operalia, Plácido Domingo's competition, returns to the Los Angeles Opera for the third time! Watch the final round of the competition, with 10 finalists over a thousand candidates, live on – and be the first to discover tomorrow's stars!



1st Prize 

- Rachel Willis-Sørensen, soprano
- Mario Chang, tenor

2nd Prize 

- Amanda Woodbury, soprano
- Joshua Guerrero, tenor

3rd Prize 

- Anaïs Constans, soprano
Mariangela Sicilia, soprano
- John Holiday, countertenor
- Andrey Nemzer, countertenor


Audience's prizes

- Amanda Woodbury, soprano
- Mario Chang, tenor

Zarzuela prizes

- Mario Chang, tenor
- Rachel Willis-Sørensen, soprano

Birgit Nilsson prizes

- Rachel Willis-Sørensen, soprano

The CulturArte de Puerto Rico Prize

- Joshua Guerrero, tenor


Founded in 1993 by Plácido Domingo, Operalia is an international singing competition which aims at revealing the most promising talents and personalities in the operatic world. Among the singers rewarded by Operalia, we can quote Ludovic Tezier, Rolando Villazón, Stéphane Degout, Inva Mula, Nina Stemme, José Cura, John Osborn, Susanna Philips, among others. Every year, the competition sets in a different opera house. Following Paris, Mexico, Madrid, Tokyo, Milan, Moscow, Beijing and Verona, Operalia is hosted by the Los Angeles Opera for the third time! And for the fifth year in a row, partners with Operalia to broadcast live the final round of the competition.

Operalia's goal is clear: highlight the young talents and help them in their professional career. Plácido Domingo: "Talent alone is not enough; it is also essential for young singers to come to the attention of those impresarios, managers, casting directors, conductors and stage directors who can further their professional careers. My purpose in Operalia is to help identify not only the best voices, but also to discover those singers whose personalities, characters and powers of interpretation show that they have the potential to become complete artists. Individuals such as these become tomorrow's stars. This is why the jury is not exclusively made up of great singers but also includes general managers, stage directors and casting directors."

Generous support for the Medici TV Broadcast by Lloyd E. Rigler - Lawrence E. Deutsch Foundation

Special additional LA Opera support from Peter and Diane Gray


Photo: Mario Chang and Rachel Willis-Sørensen, 1st prize © Craig Mathew / LA Opera.

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