Lahav Shani dirige Mahler

Israel Philharmonic Orchestra: Concierto de Gala en Abu Dabi

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For the first time ever, the Israel Philharmonic takes the stage in the U.A.E. as part of the prestigious Abu Dhabi Classics Festival! Under the unerring baton of Lahav Shani, the world-class ensemble presents an epic work befitting the grand occasion: Mahler's powerful "Titan" Symphony No. 1.

Mahler's First Symphony, brimming with drama at every moment of its hour-long duration, is especially well known for its third movement, an uncanny reprise of Frère Jacques that turns the nursery rhyme into a funereal dirge. The fourth movement, on the other hand, bursts suddenly into a brassy and percussive fortissimo, a triumphant apotheosis that makes the work's nickname "Titan" feel entirely appropriate. 

Photo © Shai Skiff

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Tuesday, June 20, 2023