Lahav Shani conducts Mahler's Symphony No. 2 — With Chen Reiss and Anna Larsson

Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra: Memorial Concert

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Chen Reiss — Soprano

Anna Larsson — Alto

Laurens Symfonisch — Coro

Orquesta Filarmónica de Róterdam

Lahav Shani — Director

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83 years after the heart of Rotterdam was destroyed by bombs, the orchestra commemorates the city’s rise from its own ashes with Mahler’s astonishing "Resurrection" Symphony No. 2, conducted by the dynamic Lahav Shani and joined by soprano Chen Reiss and alto Anna Larsson. One of the most beloved symphonies in the concert canon, this masterpiece paints a vision of apocalypse and rebirth. Fear makes way for rapture: "There is no punishment and no reward," wrote Mahler. "An overwhelming love illuminates our being."

Photo © Guido Pijper

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