Paavo Berglund dirige la Sinfonía n.° 3 de Sibelius — Con la Chamber Orchestra of Europe

El legendario ciclo de las 7 sinfonías de Sibelius (1998)

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In his Third Symphony, Sibelius moves away from the frenzied Romanticism of his first two, and flirts with Neoclassicism in the handling of the different orchestra sections. At the same time, he turns to Nordic popular music and even hints at a prototypical minimalism (a movement that wouldn't be fully articulated for several decades), as evidenced by the use of repeated notes and patterns in the first movement. His surprising use of accent and rhythm also anticipates some of Stravinsky’s most distinctive features.

A moment to listen for in… Sibelius’s Third Symphony: Luxuriate in the soft, waltzing string accompaniment for the two solo clarinets (12:55). Towards the end of this passage, the strings will gain more and more prominence, offering a true melodic counterpart to the woodwind melodies (13:59): an unexpected use of thematic material, masterfuly developed.

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