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Sergiu Celibidache

Sergiu Celibidache

  • 28 de Junio de 1912 Roman (Romania) - 14 de Agosto de 1996 La Neuville-sur-Essonne, Francia


Visionary, perfectionist, dedicated teacher and legendary trainer of orchestras, Celibidache was a conductor who inspired devotion from his audiences and loyalty from his players, whom he would rehearse tirelessly to achieve the results that won him the reputation of being one of the great geniuses of the musical world. Refusing to embrace recording, and basing his career almost exclusively in Germany, he acquired a cult status for the profundity of his musical approach, not least in the symphonies of Bruckner, to which he brought characteristically measured tempos and an unfailing intensity of expression. After his death, several recordings of his concerts were finally released officially.

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