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Personal Data Protection Policy

Personal data protection


1. Using files

The Subscription is subject to the automatic processing of personal data for which the Company is entirely responsible.

This data processing has been declared to the French National Commission for Data Protection and Liberties (CNIL) under the receipt number: 1477675

2. Data collected

The Company collects:

- data the User provides the Company, such as while creating an account or subscription;
- data the User creates while using the Service;
- and data provided by other sources (such as Apple, survey tools, social media, etc.)

Data provided by the User.

This can include:

- The User’s profile: The Company collects data provided during the creation and modification of the User’s account. This can include your name; your email address; your password (in a secure, encrypted manner that remains inaccessible to the Company’s staff); your date of birth; your country; your language; and the means by which you came into contact with the Company for the first time.

- Data pertaining to subscriptions and financial data: If the User subscribes or purchases a gift card for the Service, the Company also collects data concerning the subscription (its creation, modification, and termination), and the User’s payment or banking information (including information related to payment verification). The User’s payment details are collected and stored immediately at the moment of payment by Recurly. This information is then communicated to Adyen in order to complete the payment. The companies Adyen and Recurly are both accredited for the collection, storage, and processing of banking information. Their Terms and Conditions are also in accordance with the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”).

- Data pertaining to client services: The Company collects data the User provides when the User contacts our client services Help Center

Data created as the User uses the Service.

This can include:

- Data related to videos the User views via the Service: The Company collects a list of videos the User views in order to provide the User access to this list (accessible via the User’s account page).

- Data related to videos the User saves as “favorites” via the Service: The Company collects the list of videos the User saves as “favorites” in order to provide the User access to this list (also available via the User’s account page).

- Data related to offline viewing via the Service: The Company collects the list of videos the User saves for “offline viewing” in order to provide the User access to this list (accessible via our iOS application on mobile and tablet devices).

- Data related to transactions: The Company collects data concerning transactions related to the Use of the Service, including the different types of subscriptions purchased and renewed; order details; the date and time of the transactions; the amount billed; and the method of payment. In addition, if the User uses a promotional code, the Company can connect this information with the User.

- Data related to the use of the Service: The Company collects data concerning the User’s use of the Service. For example, the Company collects data like the date and time of access to the Service. The Company also anonymously collects data about the different features used and pages consulted; crashes of the mobile application or other related services and system activities; the type of browser; and the sites or services the User uses before using the Service. In certain cases, the Company also collects this data via the use of cookies, pixels, or other similar technologies which create and store anonymous unique identifiers. For more information, the User may consult section “12.6 Use of cookies.”

- Data related to the device: The Company can collect information concerning the device the User uses to access the Service, including the device model; IP address; any operating systems and their versions; software; language preferences; universally unique identifier (UUID); advertising ID; and serial number.

Data provided by other sources.

This can include:

- comments the User leaves in the AppStore, our survey tools, or social media;
- data provided by certain Users while purchasing a gift card (notably the name and email address of the recipient, and a personalized message);
- data provided by payment processors (Recurly and Adyen) if the user has a subscription or purchases a gift card;
- and data provided by marketing partners.

The Company can combine data obtained from each of these sources with other data in its possession.


3. Use of data

The company collects and uses data:
- to provide high-quality and reliable service to the User;
- to assist the User in using the Service;
- for research and development;
- to communicate with the User;
- to organize promotions or contests;
- and for use in legal proceedings.

The Company is prohibited from selling or sharing personal data with third parties for direct marketing purposes.

Providing services and features:

The Company uses the data collected in order to:
- create and update the User’s account;
- process payment for the Service or facilitate payment processing;
- find and make interesting videos available to the User;
- provide the User with a personalized experience including the ability to create a list of favorite videos or providing easy access to certain video content, even when offline;
- and organize the necessary internal operations to provide the Service, for example by correcting operational or technical bugs; researching and testing; and monitoring and analyzing the usage tendencies in relation to its activities.

Client services:

The Company uses the data collected in order to guide Users who contact the Company via their Help Center, for example in order to:
- analyze and respond to questions or complaints regarding billing for both subscriptions and other purchases via the Service;
- and study the suggestions and comments Users provide in order to improve the Service.

Research and development:

The Company can use the data obtained for research, tests, and analyses in order to improve the quality of the Service and create new features and products.


The Company can use the data collected in order to improve communication regarding the Service and its promotions, studies, tests, news, programming and events.

The Company can also use this data to run contests and provide any related prizes, as well as to relay relevant promotional and operational information regarding the Service. The User may receive some or part of these messages, depending on their personal data. Users in the European Union have the right to oppose this kind of usage (see section “12.5 User rights of access, rectification and opposition”).

Legal proceedings and requirements:

The Company can use the data collected to study and process complaints and legal disputes concerning use of the Service.


4. Data storage and erasure

The Company and its payment and marketing partners store the data outlined in section “12.2 Data collected” as long as the User has an account with the Service. If a User revokes consent to this data storage or to the use of his or her personal data, the User will lose his or her ability to use all or part of the Service. For example, if a subscribed User requests that his or her payment information be erased, the User will lose access to his or her Subscription at the end of the period that has been paid for. If a User requests that his or her account be erased, the User will lose access to the Service’s full-length videos. If the User revokes his or her consent to the storage of personal data used for optional features such as viewing history or saved favorite videos, the Company will permanently erase this data and the User will no longer have access to these features or this information while using the Service.

The User can request that his or her account be deactivated or permanently erased at any time (including all related personal data). If the User requests his or her account be deactivated, the account will no longer be active. The User will no longer be able to access the account and any subscription will be stopped; however the related personal data will not be erased and the User is able to request that the account be reactivated at any time. If the User requests his or her account be permanently erased, the account and all related personal data will be deleted. The user will no longer be able to use the Service and any subscription will be irrevocably stopped. The User’s payment information will also be deleted, however data related to past bills will be stored for a period of 10 years, as is mandated by article L123-22 of the French Commercial Code, which requires that businesses conserve proof of their commercial activity (including client billing history) for this period. The User will not be able to request that his or her account be reactivated or request access to personal data collected before deletion. User requests that an account with a paid Subscription be deactivated or permanently erased do not entitle the User to either a full or partial reimbursement.

Section “5. User rights of access, rectification and opposition” outlines the steps to follow to submit a request for account deactivation or erasure.


5. User rights of access, rectification and opposition

Under the Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978, the User has, at any time, the right to access information concerning themselves, the right to have it corrected or completed if it is incorrect or incomplete, the right to oppose its disclosure to third parties, the right to object, free of charge, to its use for commercial purposes and, more generally, the right to oppose any form of processing as defined in paragraph 3 of Article 2 of the aforementioned law.

Beginning May 25th, 2018, the processing of personal data of users in the European Union will be subject to the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”).

To access, correct, or oppose the processing of one’s personal data, the User must simply make a written request to the Company, citing their name and phone number and attaching a copy of a piece of identification, to the following postal address: MUSEEC, 54, rue de Paradis, 75010 Paris, or the following electronic address: help@medici.tv.


6. Use of cookies

When accessing the Service, cookies are installed on User Computer Equipment. Cookies are files sent by the Internet browser and stored on the hard disk of User Computer Equipment. In this case, they contain information related to browsing the Website (in particular pages viewed, date and time of connection) that the Website may read during subsequent visits. They are automatically created upon registration and activated when the User connects to the Website. Nevertheless, they can be switched off by configuring browser preferences to not accept cookies. To disable the “Accept cookies” function, please see our FAQ.