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Tsinandali Festival (About)


Tsinandali Festival is a Georgian non-profit foundation. Our primary focus is promoting the language of music in the Region, the crossroads of Europe and Asia.

The Festival draws some of the greatest performers, conductors, composers, music scholars and artists from around the globe to Tsinandali. The Festival is designed to create rare opportunities for young musicians from the Caucasus and the neighboring countries to explore the world of music and advance their musical education through professional seminars and masterclasses taught by some of the brightest names in today’s classical music. Tsinandali Festival is a Georgian non-profit foundation which aims to promote the language of music in the region, crossroads of Europe and Asia. Oriented towards young talented musicians and educational activities, the Festival involves renowned performers.

Tsinandali Festival is a result of a successful partnership between the state and the private sector: Georgian Government and Silk Road Group. The founders of the Tsinandali Festival include George Ramishvili (Chairman of the board of the Silk Road Group), Martin Engstroem (the founder of the famous Verbier Festival), and Avi Shoshani (the founder of the Verbier Festival and Secretary General of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra).The Tsinandali Festival will launch on the 8th September 2019, and will be heldannually. It will hold concerts for 15 days.