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International Conducting Competition Rotterdam (International Conducting Competition Rotterdam)

International Conducting Competition Rotterdam

Join us for the very first edition of the International Conducting Competition Rotterdam! Live from De Doelen Concert Hall, six young artists from Colombia, the United Kingdom, Belgium, and Chile demonstrate their talent in five rounds in front of a jury of globally renowned experts like maestro Lahav Shani. The candidates conduct a delightfully diverse repertoire, with each round based on a different theme ranging from contemporary music to opera!

All six competitors, chosen from 165 applicants, compete in all five rounds, with a winner chosen for each round ahead of a final Grand Prix at the competition’s end. To give each artist ample opportunity to shine, the rounds consist of one public rehearsal in the morning, followed by a concert in the evening. Hours of beautiful music await, with the young conductors leading many prestigious orchestras, including the world-renowned Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra.

And the winners of the 2022 International Conducting Competition Rotterdam are…

Grand Prix for Best Allrounder: Bertie Baigent

Proms Open Air Concert: Martijn Dendievel 

Contemporary Music: Chloe Rooke  

Classical Music: Bertie Baigent 

Opera: Luis Toro Araya 

Great Symphonic Works: Bertie Baigent 

Kersjes Audience Award: Luis Toro Araya