Wagner's Lohengrin

Kornél Mundruczó (stage direction), François-Xavier Roth (conductor) — Mika Kares (Heinrich der Vogler), Klaus Florian Vogt (Lohengrin), Johanni van Oostrum (Elsa von Brabant)...

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Kornél Mundruczó — Stage director

Monika Pormale — Set designer

Anna Axer-Fijalkowska — Costumes

Felice Ross — Lighting

Kata Wéber — Dramaturgy

Malte Krasting — Dramaturgy

Mika Kares — Heinrich der Vogler

Klaus Florian Vogt — Lohengrin

Johanni van Oostrum — Elsa von Brabant

Johan Reuter — Friedrich von Telramund

Anja Kampe — Ortrud

Andrè Schuen — The King's Herald

Liam Bonthrone — Nobleman of Brabant

Granit Musliu — Nobleman of Brabant

Gabriel Rollinson — Nobleman of Brabant

Roman Chabaranok — Nobleman of Brabant

Program notes

A new production of Lohengrin comes to the Bayerische Staatsoper, setting of many premieres of Wagner’s works, produced by the celebrated Kornél Mundruczò as part of a long-term collaboration with dramaturge Kata Wéber. A first-class Wagnerian cast contributes to the otherworldly atmosphere of the fabled Middle Ages—from Grammy nominee Mika Kares in the role of the king of Germany to Klaus Florian Vogt as Lohengrin and the elegant Johanni van Oostrum as Elsa. François-Xavier Roth, chevalier of the French Legion of Honor, conducts this magical production, from the arrival of King Henry in Brabant through the grand revelations of the last act, as if in a state of grace.

In this lyric drama Wagner accomplished something that Schumann thought impossible: he put into music, under the guise of an historical drama, a fairy tale with a tragic ending—elements which might seem mutually exclusive. Based on the medieval epic poem written by Wolfram von Eschenbach, Lohengrin takes its name from the Swan Knight, keeper of the Grail and son of the equally famous Parsifal, another Wagnerian character. This almost messianic hero comes to the aid of Elsa of Brabant, falsely accused of fratricide by the power-hungry Friedrich of Telramund and his wife Ortrud. Playing this Macbethian couple, baritone Johan Reuter and soprano Anja Kampe are thematically opposed to the main characters’ purity, demonstrated by the famous chorus of the third act, still played today during wedding ceremonies. 

Photo: Klaus Florian Vogt © Harald Hoffmann

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