Verdi's Aroldo

Pier Luigi Pizzi (stage director), Pier Giorgio Morandi (conductor) - With Gustavo Porta (Aroldo), Mina Damato (Adriana), Franco Vassallo (Egberto)...

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Pier Luigi Pizzi — Stage director, costume designer, stage design
Sergio Rossi — Lighting designer
Gustavo Porta — Aroldo
Adriana Damato — Mina
Franco Vassallo — Egberto
Enrico Giuseppe Iori — Briano
Valter Borin — Godvino
Antonio Feltracco — Enrico
Miriam Artiaco — Elena
Coro del Teatro Municipale di Piacenza
Corrado Casati — Chorus director
Orchestra della Fondazione Arturo Toscanini
Pier Giorgio Morandi — Conductor

Program notes

Discover this rare Verdian jewel! Aroldo—one of the composer’s least performed works—premiered in 1857 in Rimini, Italy. The work was created in response to the censorship of Verdi’s 1849 Stiffelio, whose tale of a protestant pastor publicly pardonning an adulterer and his wife proved too scandalous for 19th-century Italian society. In creating Aroldo, Verdi’s librettist and collaborator Francesco Maria Piave transposed Stiffelio’s story and characters to the more distant setting of Great Britain at time of the Crusades, and the composer took advantage of this new version to add a fourth act to the opera, and to rewrite part of the first act as well as a few arias.

In this production, Aroldo and Mina are magnificently brought to life by Gustavo Porta and Adriana Damato, and Pier Luigi Pizzi’s staging gives an excellent new framing for this unjustly neglected work.

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Venue: Teatro Municipale di Piacenza (Piacenza, Italy)
Production date: 2003
Duration: 2 h 5 min
Resolution: SD