Monteverdi's L’Orfeo

Paul Agnew (stage director and conductor) – Cyril Auvity (Orfeo), Hannah Morrison (Euridice/La Musica)...

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Paul Agnew — Stage director, conductor

Alain Blanchot — Costume designer

Christophe Naillet — Set designer, lighting designer

Cyril Auvity — Orfeo

Hannah Morrison — Euridice, La Musica

Miriam Allan — Proserpina, Ninfa

Lea Desandre — Messagiera, Speranza

Carlo Vistoli — Spirito infernale, Pastore

Sean Clayton — Pastore

Zachary Wilder — Spirito infernale, Pastore

Antonio Abete — Plutone, Spirito infernale, Pastore

Cyril Costanzo — Caronte, Spirito V

Paul Agnew — Apollo, Eco

Les Arts Florissants

Program notes

In celebration of Monteverdi’s 450th birthday in 2017, Paul Agnew—an expert in the Italian composer’s œuvre—directs L’Orfeo. This founding masterpiece of lyric opera is brought to life in elegant simplicity through the performances of Cyril Auvity’s Orpheus and Les Arts Florissants, with costumes designed by Alain Blanchot.

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