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opera John Corigliano's The Ghosts of Versailles Jay Lesenger (stage director), Joseph Colaneri (conductor) — With Teresa Perrotta (Marie-Antoinette), Jonathan Bryan (Beaumarchais)...

Jay Lesenger (stage director), Joseph Colaneri (conductor) — With Teresa Perrotta (Marie-Antoinette), Jonathan Bryan (Beaumarchais)...

John Corigliano's The Ghosts of Versailles Jay Lesenger (stage director), Joseph Colaneri (conductor) — With Teresa Perrotta (Marie-Antoinette), Jonathan Bryan (Beaumarchais)...


Celebrate the 250th anniversary of the Royal Opera of Versailles in this historical journey, with hints of Mozart and Rossini! Trapped in limbo, the victims of the French Revolution—still traumatized by their executions on Earth—await their ultimate fate with apprehension. To come to the aid of the unfortunate souls, the playwright Beaumarchais enlists his most famous creations to restage the revolution and offer a happier ending.

Rediscover some of your favorite opera characters—Count Almaviva, Figaro and Susanna, as well as Rosine and Chérubin—in this delightful and suspenseful adventure that skillfully blends comic opera with historical narrative. Originally commissioned for the centenary of the Metropolitan Opera in New York, with music by John Corigliano and a libretto by William M. Hoffman, The Ghosts of Versailles makes its striking debut in the city where it all started…

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  • Jay Lesenger | Stage director
  • James Noone | Scenography
  • Nancy Leary | Costumes
  • Robert Wierzel | Lighting
  • Eric Sean Fogel | Choreographer
  • Teresa Perrotta | Marie-Antoinette
  • Jonathan Bryan | Beaumarchais
  • Kayla Siembieda | Susanna
  • Ben Schaefer | Figaro
  • Brian Wallin | Comte Almaviva
  • Joanna Latini | Rosina
  • Peter Morgan | Louis XVI
  • Christian Sanders | Patrick Honoré Bégearss
  • Emily Misch | Florestine
  • Spencer Britten | Léon
  • Orchestra of the Royal Opera of Versailles
  • Joseph Colaneri | Conductor


  • John Corigliano, The Ghosts of Versailles
    • I: Mon coursier hors d'haleine
    • I: All-powerful Queen of Beauty and Ruler of My Willing Heart
    • I: They Are Always with Me, the Unbounded Waiting, the Odor of Blood on Steel, the Terrible Sound
    • I: My Wife Was Always Hard to Please
    • I: Oh No. Here We Go Again!
    • I: They Wish They Could Kill Me
    • I: Bravo, Beaumarchais! Brilliant!
    • I: Magic! It Is Paris, the Autumn of ’93
    • I: And with the One Million Pounds, Grant Her Majesty a Safe Refuge in the New World
    • I: Fool! Idiot! Moron! You Forgot Where Almaviva Plans to Sell the Jewels?
    • I: I Can't Wait to Betray Almaviva
    • I: Oh, the Lion May Roar and the Eagle May Soar
    • I: I Remember, Master, I Remember!
    • I: Poor Florestine, I Pity Her
    • I: Rosina's Boudoir. They Say New York Is a Lively Town
    • I: Now We Go Back in Time
    • I: Look at the Green Here in the Glade
    • I: No, I've Had Enough. I See What's Happening Here
    • I: Selamünaleyküm
    • I: His Excellency, the English Ambassador
    • I: I Am in a Valley and You Are in a Valley
    • I: Ya Omri. Limatha Hajartani?
    • I: Tafaddaloo Marhabun Bikoom
    • II: Hurry, Hurry... It's Late! The Second Act Is Beginning!
    • II: Watch. Now Figaro Comes Back
    • II: Wait! Figaro Was Supposed to Return the Necklace
    • II: Damn That Figaro. He's Your Husband
    • II: As Summer Brings a Wistful Breeze
    • II: And Now I Must Go
    • II: What Is Happening?
    • II: Antoinette, We Want Your Head!
    • II: Marie Antoinette of Lorraine and Austria
    • II: Monarchy, Revolution, It's All the Same to Me
    • II: Welcome, Madeleine, Welcome
    • II: Remember the Chestnut Trees in the Gardens of the Tuileries?
    • II: I Hope I'm Not Too Late for Your Party
    • II: Interlude
    • II: I Am Very Well, My Dear Marquis
    • II: O God of Love, O Lord of Light
    • II: We Are Finished
    • II: Look, Her Breathing Is Diminished
    • II: Goodbye, Figaro. Goodbye, Beaumarchais
    • II: No, Beaumarchais. It Is as It Should Have Been. Once There Was a Golden Bird
    • II: Come, Antonia


  • Directed by:
    • Olivier Simonnet
  • Production date: 2019
  • Recording date: 7-8/12/2019
  • Duration: 2 h 29 min
  • Production: © Ozango & Château de Versailles Spectacles
  • Available version(s): EN
  • Available subtitle(s) : FR
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