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opera Gilbert Amy's The First Circle, scenes from the Sharashka Opéra de Massy

Opéra de Massy

Gilbert Amy's The First Circle, scenes from the Sharashka Opéra de Massy


In Soviet Russia, the inmates of the sharashka (a state penitentiary where scientists were forced to carry out technological research for the state) are working on a machine that will identify individuals from the sound of their voice. Composer Gilbert Amy himself adapted Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s novel of paranoia and moral uncertainty into a libretto, and then composed the music to accompany it in this striking opera. Discover the intractable intrigue in a staging by Lukas Hemleb at the Massy Opera, with Bastien Rimondi, Brenda Poupard, Franck Lopez, Marianne Croux and Laurent Manzoni!


  • Lukas Hemleb | Stage director, Lighting designer
  • Lili Kendaka | Costumes, Scenography
  • Bastien Rimondi | Nerjine
  • Brenda Poupard | Simotchka
  • Franck Lopez | Roubine/Sologdine
  • Marianne Croux | Nadia
  • Laurent Manzoni | A Guard/Klimentiev
  • Ensemble Court-Circuit
  • Julien Leroy | Conductor


  • Gilbert Amy, Le Premier Cercle, scènes de la Charachka (The First Circle, scenes from the Sharashka)


  • Venue: Opéra Théâtre de Massy (Massy Palaiseau, France)
  • Production date: 2020
  • Production: © Gingerlemon
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