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master class Master Class with Robert Ward Neuling's Bagatelle

Neuling's Bagatelle

Master Class with Robert Ward Neuling's Bagatelle


Robert Ward, principal hornist of the San Francisco Symphony, works with New World Symphony alumnus Matthew Eckenhoff on Hermann Neuling’s Bagatelle.

Best known for his compositions for his own instrument, hornist-composer Hermann Neuling lived most of his life in the first half of the 20th century. The work Bagatelle can be found on most audition repertoire lists. In the master class, Robert Ward gives Matthew Eckenhoff advice on handling the technical challenges presented by the piece, working specifically on sustained and clear phrasing.

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  • Robert Ward | Teacher , Hornist
  • Matthew Eckenhoff


  • Hermann Neuling, Bagatelle


  • Duration: 26 min
  • Production: © New World Symphony
  • Available version(s): EN
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