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master class Nikita Magaloff, pianist and teacher Private music lessons

Private music lessons

Nikita Magaloff, pianist and teacher Private music lessons


This masterclass is given by Nikita Magaloff, an exceptional pianist who frequented Prokofiev and Rachmaninoff in his early years, and whose future was foretold by Ravel himself: "in Magaloff, an extraordinary musician is born."

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  • Philippe Cassard | Pianist (Student)
  • Patricia Pagny | Pianist (Student)
  • Hiroko Sakagami | Pianist (Student)
  • Olivier Bernager | A collection by
  • François Manceaux | A collection by


  • Frederic Chopin, Ballade No. 2 in F Major, Op. 38
  • Franz Schubert, Vom Mitleiden Maria D. 632
  • Franz Schubert, Impromptu No. 2, D. 899
  • Robert Schumann, Fantaisiestücke Op. 12 (Traumes Wirren)
  • Igor Stravinsky, Tango
  • Frederic Chopin, Barcarolle in F-sharp Major, Op. 60


  • Directed by:
    • Thierry Bénizeau
  • Production date: 1989
  • Duration: 54 min
  • Production: © Arte - la sept / Radio France / Com'unimage
  • Available version(s): FR
  • Available subtitle(s) : EN, FR
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