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master class Master Class with Evangeline Benedetti (III/III) Piatti's Caprice no 1

Piatti's Caprice no 1

Master Class with Evangeline Benedetti (III/III) Piatti's Caprice no 1


The great American cellist Evangeline Benedetti works with Danielle Akta on Piatti's Caprice No. 1, Op. 25 in a master class at the Villa Sandra Lesa. 

Called "the Paganini of the cello" by Franz Liszt, the virtuoso 19th century Lombardian cellist Carlo Alfredo Piatti is celebrated to this day for his twelve Caprices for Solo Cello, Op. 25. Although they were envisaged as challenging developmental etudes, their sophisticated musicality and vibrant character have given them a place in the cello repertoire alongside works like Bach's Cello Suites. 

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  • Evangeline Benedetti | Teacher , Cellist
  • Danielle Akta | Cellist


  • Directed by:
    • Gianriccardo Pera
  • Venue: Villa Sandra Lesa (Lesa, Italy)
  • Production date: 2015
  • Production: © iClassical Academy
  • Available version(s): EN
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