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master class Master Class with Joyce DiDonato at Carnegie Hall (I/III) 2019 Resnick Education Wing

Resnick Education Wing

This master class is presented by

Master Class with Joyce DiDonato at Carnegie Hall (I/III) 2019 Resnick Education Wing


Catch brilliant mezzo-soprano Joyce DiDonato—famed for her interpretations of everything from baroque opera to jazz—in an exceptional series of master classes at Carnegie Hall! A generous artist who never ceases to reinvent herself, she shares her years of experience as a compelling and reflective performer: "You are here to serve the words, the stage director, the melody, the author (...) but above all—and this is the most important—with each breath, each step, and each note, you are here to serve humanity."

Joyce DiDonato appears courtesy of Warner Classics.
Photo : © Chris Lee

Associated event


  • Alexandra Nowakowski | Soprano
  • Maya Amir | Mezzo-soprano
  • Aaron Crouch | Tenor
  • Keymon Murrah | Countertenor
  • Shannon McGinnis | Pianist
  • Justina Lee | Pianist


  • Giuseppe Verdi, Rigoletto
    • I: "Caro nome che il mio cor" (Gilda)
  • Claudio Monteverdi, L'Incoronazione di Poppea
    • I, 5: "Disprezzata Regina" (Ottavia, Nutrice)
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Don Giovanni, K. 527
    • II: "Il mio tesoro"
  • Christoph Willibald Gluck, Orfeo ed Euridice
    • I,4: "Amour, viens rendre à mon âme"


  • Venue: Carnegie Hall (New York, USA)
  • Broadcast date: April 12, 2019, 10 p.m.
  • Production date: 2019
  • Replay available until: April 12, 2021
  • Duration: 1 h 59 min
  • Production: © Carnegie Hall
  • Available version(s): EN
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