Master class

Hermann Baumann, horn master and teacher

Private music lessons

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Hermann Baumann — Teacher, hornist
Eva Maria Gorres — Hornist (student)
Cayetano Granodos-Conejo — Hornist (student)
Angela Oehmke — Hornist (student)
Paul van Zelm — Hornist (student)
Folkwang-Kammerorchester Essen
Olivier Bernager — A collection by
François Manceaux — A collection by

Program notes

This masterclass focuses on the horn player Hermann Baumann, a musician with a highly atypical career and personality, a virtuoso with a genuine passion for his instrument and for passing on his skills.

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Directed by:
Heinz Peter Schwerfel
Production date: 1990
Duration: 52 min
Production: Arte - la sept / Radio France / com'unimage