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master class Master Class with Amit Peled (V/VI) Dvořák's Cello Concerto (Third Movement)

Dvořák's Cello Concerto (Third Movement)

Master Class with Amit Peled (V/VI) Dvořák's Cello Concerto (Third Movement)


A cello masterpiece presented by a cello master: that's what's on offer in this six-part series from iClassical Academy! Israeli-American cellist Amit Peled unveils the secrets and particularities of a monument of the cello repertoire—and one of the most beloved pieces in the classical canon—Antonin Dvořák's Cello Concerto in B Minor.

Throughout his time with the talented young cellists Mariona Camats and William Weil, the engaging and personable professor provides insight into the innumerable subtleties of this extraordinary work. From technical challenges to the artistic tour de force needed to successfully perform a magnum opus like this one, all the bases are covered by the mentor and his intrepid protégés.


  • Amit Peled | Teacher , Cellist
  • William Weil | Cellist
  • Sander Sittig | Pianist


  • Antonín Dvořák, Cello Concerto No. 2 in B Minor, Op. 104
    • 3. Finale – Allegro moderato


  • Venue: Villa Sandra Lesa (Lesa, Italy)
  • Production date: 2015
  • Duration: 58 min
  • Production: © iClassical Academy
  • Available version(s): EN
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