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jazz Marcus Miller Live in Switzerland Baloise Session Festival 2015

Baloise Session Festival 2015

Marcus Miller Live in Switzerland Baloise Session Festival 2015


Beyond his work with Luther Vandross, Herbie Hancock and others, Marcus Miller was immortalized as a musician through his collaborations with the great Miles Davis, especially on 1986's Tutu. Having gained Miles' respect as an arranger and bandleader, he has been considered part of history's jazz pantheon ever since, and rightly so – a supreme bassist with infectious, accessible energy, Miller has become a gateway musician, the kind of artist that gets people into jazz in the first place. 

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  • Marcus Miller | Bass guitarist
  • Brett Williams | Pianist
  • Russell Gunn Jr | Trumpeter
  • Alex Han | Saxophonist
  • Alex Bailey | Drummer


  • Marcus Miller / Mamadou Cherif Soumano / Alune Wade , Hylife
  • Marcus Miller, B's River
  • Barrett Strong / Norman Whitfield, Papa was a Rolling Stone
  • Miles Davis / Marcus Miller / Bill Evans (Saxophonist), Jean-Pierre
  • Marcus Miller, Gorée
  • Marcus Miller, Tutu


  • Directed by:
    • Roli Bärlocher
  • Venue: Baloise Session (Basel, Switzerland)
  • Production date: 2016
  • Production: © Session Basel LTD 2016
  • Available version(s): EN
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