Magma Live in Vienna, France

Jazz à Vienne 2018

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Christian Vander — Bandleader, drummer, singer
Isabelle Feuillebois — Singer
Hervé Aknin
Benoît Alziary — Singer
Pierre Latute — Trombonist
Illyes Ferfeira — Saxophonist
David Mimey — Saxophonist
Paul-Antoine Roubet — Saxophonist
Julien Buros — Saxophonist
Jérôme Martineau — Pianist
Philippe Bussonnet — Bass guitarist
Stella Vander — Singer

Program notes

Very different and utterly brilliant, Magma is a group that was founded as the “vision of humanity’s spiritual and ecological future,” by Christian Vander back in 1969. A French classically-trained drummer, Vander sought to build the most creative force in world music with Magma, and he might very well have succeeded. Their first album, Kobaïa, set the tone, describing the mass exodus of people fleeing a doomed Earth. Known as Kobaïans, these refugees sing in their own language, which was created by Vander out of Slavic and Germanic elements, and they play a new form of complex prog rock, termed “Zeuhl.” 

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Directed by:
Fabien Raymond
Venue: Jazz à Vienne (Vienne, France)
Production date: 2018
Recording date: 2018
Duration: 1 h 0 min
Production: © Séquence
Resolution: Full HD

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