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jazz Keith Jarrett Live at Estival Jazz RSI Archives 1986

RSI Archives 1986

Keith Jarrett Live at Estival Jazz RSI Archives 1986


There is nothing quite like a Keith Jarrett live performance. Miles away from the image we normally associate with piano players, his upright posture, heavy handling of the keys, and his humming along to melodies have all become essential elements in jazz iconography. Here, at the Estival Jazz event in 1986, he is joined by the eminent and versatile Jack DeJohnette (who collaborated with Miles Davis, Bill Evans and John Coltrane) and the sensitive, harmonically-minded Gary Peacock, a veteran who worked alongside Paul Motion, Bill Evans and Roland Kirk among many others. 

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  • Keith Jarrett | Bandleader , Pianist
  • Gary Peacock | Bass guitarist
  • Jack DeJohnette | Drummer


  • Willard Robison / Keith Jarrett, Old Folks
  • Keith Jarrett, All The Things That I Love
  • Cole Porter / Keith Jarrett, Everything I Love
  • Jules Styne / Keith Jarrett, I Fall In Love Too Easily


  • Venue: Estival Jazz Festival (Lugano, Switzerland)
  • Production date: 1986
  • Recording date: 1986
  • Duration: 54 min
  • Production: © RSI
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