Jazzed Out, Oslo

A documentary series by Mathieu Mastin

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Froy Aagre — Soprano/saxophonist
Andreas Ulvo — Organist
Mats Eilertsen — Bass guitarist
Tore Brunborg — Saxophonist
Thomas Dahl — Guitarist
Olavi Louhivuori — Drummer
Arild Andersen — Bass guitarist
Paolo Vinaccia — Drummer
Nils Petter Molvær — Trumpeter
Stian Westerhus — Guitarist
Erland Dahlen — Drummer
Tord Gustavsen — Pianist
Eivind Aarset — Guitarist
Nikolai Eilertsen — Bass guitarist
Erland Dahlen — Drummer
Bugge Wesseltoft — Pianist
Håkon Kornstad — Saxophonist, electronics
Helge Lien — Pianist

Program notes

"The most beautiful sound next to silence" is the motto of ECM Records, the Scandinavian label that has played a large part in defining the jazz sound from that part of the world. This episode of Jazzed Out, the series that seeks to take jazz out of the smokey clubs – its 20th Century home – and thrust it into the open air, takes place in Oslo, Norway, a country that has made its own, singular mark on the international stage. The Norwegian sound is famous, perhaps only stereotypically, for its chilly, spacious tone, though a large part of what defines it is the hunger for iconoclasm and breaking the mould through electronic, noise and ambient. 

Each end of the spectrum is emphasised in this film, which pictures musicians in locations that allow the music room to breathe. Håkon Kornstad plays a piece on his baritone with the aid of the acoustic cloisters of a church, the great trumpeter Nils Petter Molvær and his trio play two striking pieces in a beautiful mausoleum with frescos on the walls and the great Bugge Wesseltoft delivers a piano solo that is brimming with intrigue in an old house. 


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Directed by:
Mathieu Mastin
Venue: Oslo (Oslo, Norway)
Production date: 2011
Duration: 1 h 34 min
Production: © Mezzo/ Kidam/
Resolution: Full HD