Jazz Memories from Saint Germain

Maison de la Radio 1959

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Bud Powell — Bandleader, pianist
Barney Wilen — Tenor/saxophonist
Georges Arvanitas — Pianist
Robert Garcia — Tenor/saxophonist
Bernard Vitet — Trumpeter
Luigi Trussardi — Double bassist
Baptiste "Mac Kac" Reilles — Drummer
Jacques Thollot — Drummer
Clark Terry — Trumpeter
Pierre Michelot — Double bassist
Kenny Clarke — Drummer

Program notes

Known as the Charlie Parker of the piano, Bud Powell was a towering jazzman who changed the way musicians see harmony. His life was marked by extreme success and, at the same time, plagued by illness and misfortune. Here, in 1959, he had just moved to Paris following more than a decade of seminal Blue Note recordings, as well as periods of hospitalization and treatment (including electroconvulsive therapy) for mental illness, with schizophrenia being one diagnosis. In Paris, however, he was just as dazzling and alive as ever in one of the last recorded performances he ever gave. 

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Directed by:
Jean-Christophe Averty
Venue: Maison de la Radio (Paris, France)
Production date: 1959
Duration: 32 min
Production: © Radiodiffusion Télévision Française (RTF) - Paris
Resolution: Full HD

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