Thomas de Pourquery & Supersonic in La Villette

Jazz à la Villette 2021

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Thomas de Pourquery — Alto saxophonist, singer

Laurent Bardainne — Keyboardist, singer, Tenor/saxophonist

Fabrice Martinez — Trumpeter, percussionist, singer, bugle

Arnaud Roulin — Pianist, percussionist, electronics, Keyboardist

Frederick Galiay — Bass guitarist, singer

Edward Perraud — Drummer, electronics, singer

Program notes

Bask in the captivating sound of Thomas de Pourquery and Supersonic during this epic 2021 concert on the stage of the Jazz à la Villette festival. Using his alto sax or his voice, de Pourquery leads his band across melodic hills and through harmonic fields. Using the full range of their tools, Thomas de Pourquery & Supersonic present a diverse array of new musical ideas while also paying homage to those who came before them.

These musical heirs to the style of the legendary Sun Ra cannot resist a tendency to take off into outer space through high flying solos. Though rooted in a familiar jazz tradition, de Pourquery also brings electro-pop influences to the table, and is constantly moving forward, making him a major figure of the contemporary contemporary stage, with an eager audience that always impatiently await his next step!

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