Ibrahim Maalouf in la Seine-Saint-Denis

Festival de Saint-Denis 2014

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Ibrahim Maalouf — Trumpeter
Sofi Jeannin — Conductor
Maîtrise de Radio France — Préparation au chœur d'oratorio
Les musiciens de Saint-Julien — Flutist, guitarist, percussionist, soprano, harpist, dulcimer
Clément Saunier — Trumpeter
Olivier Voisin — Trumpeter
Charly Villoteau — Trumpeter
Rodolph Puechbroussous — Trumpeter
Jean-Charles Dupuis — Trombonist
Thibault Mortegoute — Trombonist
Paul Manfrin — Trombonist
Kevin Roby — Trombonist
Maël Guezel — Peruvian Cajón
Thierry Gomar — Timpani

Program notes

In the magnificent Basilica of Saint-Denis, France, star trumpeter Ibrahim Maalouf, the maîtrise de Radio France, as well as a brass ensemble including Clément Saunier interpret and recompose Hildegard von Bingen's Canticles. The music of the 12th century composer and abbess finds new life under the fingers of Franco-Lebanese artist, laureate of the 2016 César Award for best film soundtrack, who deploys all of his creativity and sensitivity along the course of this concert.

One of the most poignant elements of this performance is Maalouf's use of unique extended techniques to recreate the plaintive and passionate chante of higher voices or to magnify harmonies. If one listens closely enough, one might also find virtuosic prowess such as melodies played on the quarter tone. This atypical program, along with its wonderful interpreters, allow us to immerse ourserlves in a new, captivating universe that we do not want to leave.

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Directed by:
Samuel Thiebaut
Venue: Basilique de Saint-Denis (Paris, France)
Production date: 2014
Duration: 1 h 2 min
Production: Oléo Films/Radio France/Festival de Saint-Denis/TVM/Cinéplume
Resolution: Full HD

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