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jazz Ibrahim Maalouf's "Diagnostic" at the Babylon Live in Istanbul

Live in Istanbul

Ibrahim Maalouf's "Diagnostic" at the Babylon Live in Istanbul


Ibrahim Maalouf's "Diagnostic" (2013) is the final volume of the dizzying triptych of albums—after "Diasporas" (2007) and "Diachronism" (2009)—that catapaulted the French-Lebanese trumpeter onto the international scene. Despite being among his first forays into jazz recordings, his trademark eclectic style is already on display as he skilfully weaves together a variety of styles and influences ranging from Balkan brass bands to Brazilian batucadas, and heavy metal to classical. Here, live in Istanbul, he performs eight of the album's eleven original compositions, pushing both the boundaries of the different genres he taps into and his own, performing on the piano and voice, in addition to his practiced trumpet. 


  • Ibrahim Maalouf | Trumpeter
  • François Delporte | Electric guitar
  • Laurent David | Bass guitarist
  • Frank Woeste | Pianist
  • Xavier Rogé | Drummer
  • Youenn Le Cam | Rhythm guitarist


  • Ibrahim Maalouf, Speed dating
  • Ibrahim Maalouf, Obsession
  • Ibrahim Maalouf, Will soon be a woman
  • Ibrahim Maalouf, United
  • Ibrahim Maalouf, Beirut
  • Ibrahim Maalouf, Ouverture
  • Ibrahim Maalouf, Qabu
  • Ibrahim Maalouf, Harmandali


  • Directed by:
    • Samuel Thiebaut
  • Venue: Babylon (Istanbul)
  • Production date: 2013
  • Recording date: 05/21/2013
  • Production: © Oléo Films
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