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jazz Hermeto Pascoal Live at Jazz à Vienne Séquence Archives

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Hermeto Pascoal Live at Jazz à Vienne Séquence Archives


Hermeto Pascoal was different from the start. Born with albinism in northeastern Brazil, at a time where the region had no electricity, he was unable to work in the fields like the rest of his family. Instead, he remained indoors, hidden from the scorching heat, and played on his father’s accordion. Now, as one of the world’s pre-eminent multi-instrumentalist avant-gardists and a symbol of Brazilian music, Pascoal is an octogenarian master with nothing left to prove. 

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  • Hermeto Pascoal | Bandleader , Pianist, Flutist, Drummer
  • Fabio Pascoal | Drummer
  • Itiberê Zwarg | Bass guitarist, Singer
  • André Marques | Pianist, Flutist
  • Jota P. | Flutist, Saxophonist
  • Ajurinā Zwarg | Drummer


  • Hermeto Pascoal, Mazinho tocando no Coreto
  • Hermeto Pascoal, Viva Edu Lobo
  • Hermeto Pascoal, Forró da gota para Sivuca
  • Hermeto Pascoal, Para Ron Carter
  • Hermeto Pascoal, Vinicius Dorin em Búzios
  • Hermeto Pascoal, Viva o Rio de Janeiro
  • Hermeto Pascoal / Thelonious Sphere Monk, Round Midnight
  • Hermeto Pascoal, Para Chick Corea (Percussion Solo)
  • Hermeto Pascoal, Di Fabio para Jovino Santos
  • Hermeto Pascoal, Irmãos Latinos
  • Hermeto Pascoal, Jegue (Taynara)
  • Hermeto Pascoal, Piano Improvisation


  • Directed by:
    • Nicolas Micha
  • Venue: Jazz à Vienne (Vienne, France)
  • Production date: 2018
  • Recording date: 2018
  • Duration: 1 h 24 min
  • Production: © Séquence
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