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jazz Dave Brubeck Quartet Live in Brussels Sonuma Archives 1965

Sonuma Archives 1965

Dave Brubeck Quartet Live in Brussels Sonuma Archives 1965


The Jazz Pour Tous (jazz for all) emissions, which ran from 1959-69 in Belgium, are a treasure trove of unique performances featuring contemporary greats. Yet, none embodied the spirit of the show’s title quite like the Dave Brubeck Quartet. They were the epitome of cool jazz, of sophisticated music that was accessible. For them, the conception of success within jazz was different: they toured the world, sold lots of records and generally enjoyed rockstar status in that once niche genre. 

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  • Dave Brubeck | Bandleader , Pianist
  • Joe Morello | Drummer
  • Eugene Wright | Double bassist
  • Paul Desmond | Saxophonist
  • Paul Roland | Movie director


  • William Christopher Handy / Dave Brubeck, St. Louis Blues
  • Dave Brubeck, Koto Song
  • Dave Brubeck, Three To Get Ready
  • Dave Brubeck, In Your Own Sweet Way
  • Paul Desmond, Take Five


  • Venue: Brussels (Brussels)
  • Production date: 1965
  • Recording date: 1965
  • Duration: 32 min
  • Production: © Sonuma
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