Daniel Humair New Quartet plays "Give the Eleven" in Germany

Jazzdor Festival 2017

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Daniel Humair — Drummer
Marc Ducret — Guitarist
Bruno Chevillon — Double bassist
Fabrice Martinez — Trumpeter
Joachim Kühn — Guest pianist

Program notes

Through the Daniel Humair New Quartet, renowned jazz drummer Daniel Humair collaborates with acclaimed guitarist Marc Ducret, upright bassist Bruno Chevillon, and trumpet player Fabrice Martinez, to create a sweetly chaotic, yet unmistakable sound. Amidst the ever present accompaniment of Humair’s drum set, the musicians combine for impressive passages of improvisational brilliance, then echo the piece's main melody, reminding the listener of it just when it is about to leave their head. A rare feat that requires a keen ear, artistic sensitivity, and great empathy towards one's audience!

Each instrument gets their chance to shine throughout this concert. There are diving trumpet solos, mind-bending guitar riffs, and wild drum solos. The underlying driving influence of the drums and bass let the trumpet and the guitar truly fly. With a resolving cadence, the group always sticks the landing even after an incredibly demanding and turbulent flight.

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Directed by:
Josselin Carré
Production date: 2017
Production: Oléo