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jazz Chris Potter's "Circuits" A Vaulx Jazz

A Vaulx Jazz

Chris Potter's "Circuits" A Vaulx Jazz


This 2019 concert brimming with verve and enthusiasm kicked off the European tour celebrating the release of Chris Potter's latest album, "Circuits"—a remarkable project hailed by the press as "a return to gritty fusion jazz" (The Financial Times) and a ground-breaking success demonstrating the saxophonist's "true virtuosity and ingenuity" (All About Jazz). 

At the A Vaulx Jazz festival, Potter leads a veritable dream team featuring keyboardist Craig Taborn, drummer Justin Brown, and bassist Tim Lefebvre. Energy flows freely as the quartet relentlessly and at times frantically explore all facets of the groove, coming together for powerful choruses and creating space for exploratory improvisations.


  • Chris Potter | Tenor/saxophonist
  • Craig Taborn | Pianist
  • Justin Brown | Drummer
  • Tim Lefebvre | Double bassist


  • Chris Potter, Circuits
  • Chris Potter, The nerve
  • Chris Potter, Koutoume
  • Chris Potter, The Dreamer is the dream
  • Chris Potter, Exclamation


  • Directed by:
    • Samuel Thiebaut
  • Venue: Centre Culturel communal Charlie Chaplin (Vaulx-en-Velin)
  • Production date: 2019
  • Production: © Oléo films
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