Archie Shepp and Joachim Kühn duo in Jazzdor Festival

Jazzdor Festival 2011

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Archie Shepp — Tenor/saxophonist
Joachim Kühn — Pianist

Program notes

During the 2011 edition of the famed Jazzdor Festival, Archie Shepp and Joachim Kühn joined forces to create a legendary moment of music. Both artists have enjoyed enormous success throughout their respective careers: the former played alongside Cecil Taylor and John Coltrane, the latter with Daniel Humair and Aldo Romano. These two jazz geniuses finally came together in 2011 to produce a marvelous album title Wo!man. This concert contains some of the greatest titles of the album, such as Nina and Transmitting.

Both musicians know the difficulties of performing in such a small formation as the duo: Archie Shepp once transcended it with Abdullah Ibrahim, and Joachim Kühn managed to do exactly the same with Ornette Coleman. Along the course of this performance, they once again brilliantly achieve to attenuate the lack of rhythmic basis inherent to the duo, while communicating smoothly in a simultaneously traditional and modern set. Only one qualifier may accurately describe the quality of this concert: magical.

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Directed by:
Samuel Thiebaut
Venue: Jazzdor (Strasbourg, )
Production date: 2011
Duration: 58 min
Production: Archieball/Oléo Films
Resolution: Full HD

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