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documentary The Symphony of the Eigth Star A Biography of Charles Koechlin

A Biography of Charles Koechlin

The Symphony of the Eigth Star A Biography of Charles Koechlin


First and foremost a composer, Charles Koechlin (1867-1950) was also a traveler and a photographer. Koechlin stands out in the history of modern French music. Through his teaching at the Paris Conservatoire, he left his mark on several generations of composers. An ever curious, indefatigable worker little concerned with his own career, he was fully versed in everything that had to do with music. If composers and musicologists still speak of his "Treatise on Orchestration," Koechlin the musician, the composer of more than 400 scores, has remained the realm of specialists for too long. Today, many musicians are discovering the pleasure of performing this authentic, deeply humane music.
Judit Kele introduces us to his amazing man and artist.


  • Charles Koechlin | Composer


  • Directed by:
    • Judit Kele
  • Production date: 2002
  • Duration: 51 min
  • Production: © ARTE / Audio Visio Concert / SWR
  • Available version(s): EN
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