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documentary ¡Guitarra! – The Guitar in Spain (8/8) Episode 8: Concierto Finale

Episode 8: Concierto Finale

¡Guitarra! – The Guitar in Spain (8/8) Episode 8: Concierto Finale


Discover the history of the classical guitar through a serie of films with the world leading classical guitarist Julian Bream.

"I've been terribly fortunate to have played the guitar all my life, and to have had a wonderful professional life. I have travelled all over the world, I hopefully have given pleasure. I certainly have given a great deal of pleasure to myself. And the guitar is so synonymous with Spain that I find in doing these films it's a way in which I can say thank you to Spain and also to the Spanish musicians that have written for the instrument and inspired so much of the finest guitar music."

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  • Julian Bream | Guitarist


  • Directed by:
    • Barrie Gavin
  • Production date: 1985
  • Duration: 25 min
  • Production: © RM Arts
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