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documentary One day, Pina asked... A documentary by Chantal Akerman

A documentary by Chantal Akerman

One day, Pina asked... A documentary by Chantal Akerman


“One day, Pina asked us…” Each of the interviews with members of the Wuppertal Tanztheater in Belgian filmmaker Chantal Akerman’s documentary begin with these words. Ackerman’s fascinating film intertwines brief anecdotes shared by the dancers of Philippine "Pina" Bausch’s company about their experiences with the fabled dancer and choreographer with peeks behind the scenes and excerpts from rehearsals during their five-week tour of Venice, Milan, and Avignon. Audiences get an intimate understanding of the incredible effort—both physical and artistic—that went into the creations of this modern dance legend.


  • Pina Bausch | Choreographer
  • Wuppertaler Dance Theater


  • Production date: 1983
  • Duration: 57 min
  • Production: © A2, INA, RM Arts, RTBF, BRT
  • Available version(s): FR, EN
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