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Philippe Decoufle, Words on Dance

Compagnie DCA

Philippe Decoufle, Words on Dance Compagnie DCA


A documentary about Philippe Decouflé, French contemporary dance choreographer

Philippe Découflé was born in Paris in 1961. He studied various disciplines such as mime with Isaac Alvarez and circus with Anne Fratelli. He worked at the Centre national de la danse contemporaine d'Anger before creating his own dance company in 1983 : the DCA company (Diversity, Comradeship, Agility). Since 1993, the company is settled at La Chaufferie, an old residence rehabilitated for this purpose in Saint-Denis, north of Paris. It is today his home and sometimes his performance venue. Philippe Decouflé has conducted the opening and closing ceremonies of the Albertville 1992 Olympics, to which he ows his global reputation.

In this documentary, Philippe Decouflé talks about his work as a choreographer, that he describes as "free" and "without limit" because he is not attached to any Choreographic Centre. His creations are original, motley, and popular, thanks to his own interpretation of various forms of art.


  • Production date: 1998
  • Duration: 27 min
  • Production: © INJAM production / Paris première
  • Available version(s): EN


  • Philippe Decoufle | Choreographer
  • Milos Galko
  • Irma Omerzo
  • Brad Denys
  • Christophe Waksmann
  • Daphné Mauger
  • Dominique Grimonprez
  • Céline Zordia
  • Joseph Racaille | Music
  • SPOT | Music
  • Sir-Cus | Music
  • Philippe Guillotel | Costume designer
  • Catherine Coustère | Costumes
  • Didier Despin | Costume designer
  • Patrice Besombes | Lighting
  • Yves Bernard | Set designer
  • Pierre-Jean Verbraeken | Set designer
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