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Mozart in Salzburg

A documentary on Mozart's life in Salzburg

Mozart in Salzburg A documentary on Mozart's life in Salzburg


With Daniel Barenboim, Gil Shaham, Angelika Kirchschlager, Martin Haselböck and others

Even a master like Mozart does not fall from the heavens. With all his divine genius, he was born into a particular environment and was decisively formed here from his childhood and youth. Mozart in Salzburg makes the Composer's Salzburg years accessible to the senses. The 60-minute film illuminates Mozart's daily life and the political and historical circumstances. What did the young Mozart see in the streets and squares? What did he eat? How did he travel? What were his leisure activities like? What is more, questions about his milieu will be thematically categorised: How did Mozart deal with the great authority figures: his father Leopold and the Archbishop Colloredo? How did he react to the Catholic norms? What moved the young genius to flee to Vienna? And how did the years in Salzburg form Mozart?


  • Directed by:
    • Daniel Finkernagel
    • Alexander Lück
  • Production date: 2006
  • Duration: 59 min
  • Production: © EuroArts Music International, SWR
  • Available version(s): EN
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