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documentary Mahler Ken Russell's film about the composer Gustav Mahler

Ken Russell's film about the composer Gustav Mahler

Mahler Ken Russell's film about the composer Gustav Mahler


Nominated at Cannes for the Palme d'Or in 1974, Mahler is unquestionably one of Ken Russell's most beautiful movies.

The story takes place in 1911, shedding light on the last days of Gustav Mahler. Mahler was fifty when he conducted his last concert at the New York Philharmonic, of which he had been the musical director since 1909. When he was composing his Tenth Symphony, he fell seriously ill. Extremely weakned, he came back to Paris to get treatment, before passing away on May 18, 1911.

In Mahler, Ken Russell uses a lot of flashbacks, showing a poor child suffering from his father's anger; a young musician frustrated by antisemetism and about to convert to catholicism; a husband tough with his wife whom he cherishes a lot; and a caring and loving father devastated by the death of his daughter.


  • Robert Powell | Gustav Mahler
  • Georgina Hale | Alma Mahler
  • Lee Montague | Bernhard Mahler
  • Miriam Karlin | Aunt Rosa
  • Rosalie Crutchley | Marie Mahler
  • Gary Rich | Young Gustav
  • Richard Morant | Max
  • Angela Down | Justine Mahler
  • Antonia Ellis | Cosima Wagner
  • Ronald Pickup | Nick
  • Peter Eyre | Otto Mahler
  • Dana Gillespie | Anna von Mildenburg
  • George Coulouris | Doctor Roth
  • David Collings | Hugo Wolf
  • Arnold Yarrow | Grandfather
  • David Trevena | Doctor Richter
  • Elaine Delmar | Princess
  • Benny Lee | Uncle Arnold
  • Andrew Faulds | Doctor on Train
  • Otto Diamant | Professor Sladky
  • Michael Southgate | Alois Mahler
  • Kenneth Colley | Krenek
  • Sarah McClellan | Putzi
  • Claire McClellan | Glucki
  • Oliver Reed | Train Conductor


  • Directed by:
    • Ken Russell
  • Production date: 1974
  • Duration: 1 h 50 min
  • Production: © Goodtimes Enterprises Ltd
  • Available version(s): FR, EN
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