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documentary Maguy Marin, Words on Dance Portrait of a choreographer

Portrait of a choreographer

Maguy Marin, Words on Dance Portrait of a choreographer


Born in Toulouse in 1951, Maguy Marin acquired her dancing training in the Toulouse Conservatoire and then in Strasbourg. In 1970, she entered the Mudra school, created by Maurice Béjart in Brussels. The school was created by the choreographer in order to work in collaboration with his troop, the Ballet du XXe siècle. Maguy Marin left Béjart's school after three years, and entered the Ballet du XXe siècle, in which she will be a soloist for 4 seasons.

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  • Maguy Marin | Choreographer
  • Ulises Alvarez
  • Préciosa Gil
  • Kerrie Hartley-Szuch
  • Mychel Lecoq
  • Bastien Parnasse
  • Thierry Partaud
  • Caroline Picard
  • Cathy Polo
  • Ennio Sammarco
  • Isabelle Saulle
  • Dominique Uber
  • Adolfo Vargas
  • Denis Mariotte | Music
  • Yasmine Simon | Costumes
  • Pierre Colomer | Lighting


  • Directed by:
    • Jean-Michel Plouchard
  • Production date: 1996
  • Duration: 31 min
  • Production: © INJAM production / Paris première
  • Available version(s): EN
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