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Gozaran Time passing

Nader Mashayekhi in Iran

Gozaran Time passing Nader Mashayekhi in Iran


Frank Scheffer followed Nader Mashayekhi in Iran in his dream to practice his art in his native country.

In 2005, Iranian composer Nader Mashayekhi was asked to lead the Tehran Symphony Orchestra. He knew the weak position of Western classical and contemporary music in Iran would make this a difficult task. But he took on the challenge, and after having spent several years in Vienna studying, living and working, he returned to his country. As he puts it, "with only one suitcase containing only one thing: my dream to make music in my hometown." Less than two years later he returned to Austria, his suitcase filled with the pieces of his broken dream.

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  • Directed by:
  • Production date: 2012
  • Duration: 1 h 26 min
  • Production: © Pieter Van Huystee Film
  • Available version(s): EN


  • Nader Mashayekhi
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