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documentary Fauré, Baum, and the Others Ici-bas: Music and Poetry

Ici-bas: Music and Poetry

Fauré, Baum, and the Others Ici-bas: Music and Poetry


The BAUM Ensemble’s Ici-bas, les mélodies de Gabriel Fauré (“Here below, the melodies of Gabriel Fauré”) is an exciting artistic project combining poetry and music: the poems of Verlaine, Prudhomme, and Gaultier were set to music by Fauré, arranged by the BAUM ensemble under the direction of guitarist Olivier Mellano, and then entrusted to 20 singers noted for their work in the fields of French chanson, jazz, and pop music, ensuring musical  interpretations—different from those of lyric opera singers—emphasizing the sweetness and directness of these melodies. Pauline Jardel’s kaleidoscopic documentary gives audiences a marvelous view behind the scenes, transporting them into the midst of recording sessions, post-production work, and rehearsals, complemented by interviews with participating musicians passionate about this project.


  • Sonia Bester | Stage director, Concept
  • BAUM
  • Simon Dalmais | Pianist
  • Anne Gouverneur | Violinist
  • Maëva Le Berre | Cellist


  • Directed by:
    • Pauline Jardel
  • Production date: 2018
  • Duration: 1 h 02 min
  • Production: Girelle Production/Bip TV
  • Available version(s): FR
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