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documentary A Portrait of Evgeny Svetlanov

A Portrait of Evgeny Svetlanov


Evgeny Svetlanov made a strong mark on the 20th century’s musical landscape. A renowned pianist and conductor, he dedicated almost 30 years of his life to composition, and his work belongs, according to his own words, to the “continuity of the great Russian tradition.” His attachment to Russian repertoire also shaped his conducting career, and as the director of the State Symphony Orchestra of the USSR, he promoted these works. Rare footage of concerts and rehearsals, as well as interviews with those close to him, are woven together in this documentary to paint a fascinating portrait of one of the most inspired artists of his age.

"On the day of the concert, countless times, for many years now, I always get that same feeling. The feeling that this day is unlike any other, that it's special somehow." - Evgeny Svetlanov

This program has been kindly shared with us by the Evgeny Svetlanov Foundation to celebrate the maestro's 90th anniversary.


  • Directed by:
    • Ioakim Sharoev
  • Production date: 1972
  • Production: © Evgeny Svetlanov Foundation
  • Available version(s): RU
  • Available subtitle(s) : EN
Why stop there? The rest of this incredible video is available for free for our guests!

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