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Curtain up for Budapest's Liszt Academy


Curtain up for Budapest's Liszt Academy Musica


Budapest's Liszt Academy has recently reopened its doors after a Major and successful renovation.

Whilst enhancing its prestigious musical past this Hungarian institution, both a music university and a concert hall, is ambitiously projecting itself towards the future and reinventing its image. "The building is beyond definition, the abundance in motifs and ornaments makes it unique, and the extent of their significance is still to be completely revealed. From these treasures from the past we are trying to project a modern brand," says Imre Szabó Stein, Head of Communications.

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Associated event


  • Katalin Kokas | Violinist
  • Barnabás Kelemen | Violinist


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  • Production date: 2013
  • Duration: 4 min
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