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concert Vladimir Ashkenazy plays Chopin A film by Christopher Nupen

A film by Christopher Nupen

Vladimir Ashkenazy plays Chopin A film by Christopher Nupen


Two days before his legendary recital at the Royal Festival Hall in London, recorded live by Decca, Vladimir Ashkenazy gave another concert, shot by his friend Christopher Nupen. The recital took place in a very uncommon venue - in front of the student body of the University of Essex, in England. He played the same program, completely dedicated to Chopin.

Vladimir Ashkenazy was the formidable pianist prodigy, second prize at the International Chopin Piano Competition in Warsaw (1955), first prize at the Queen Elisabeth Music Competition the year after, and finally, first prize at the Tchaikovsky Piano Competition in 1962. Here he is flimed, in 1972, at the top of his career as a pianist, a very fertile period for recordings and concerts.



  • Frederic Chopin, Nocturnes, Op. 15
    • No. 1 in F major
    • No. 2 in F sharp major
  • Frederic Chopin, Piano Sonata No. 2 in B flat Minor, Op. 35
    • 1. Grave – Doppio movimento
    • 2. Scherzo
    • 3. Marche funèbre: Lento
    • 4. Finale: Presto
  • Frederic Chopin, Three Mazurkas, Op. 59
    • No. 2 in A-flat major
  • Frederic Chopin, Grande Valse brillante in A flat Major, Op. 34 No. 1


  • Directed by:
  • Venue: University of Essex (Essex, Great Britain)
  • Production date: 1972
  • Duration: 46 min
  • Production: © Allegro Films
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