A day with Evgeny Kissin I: Brand-new moments at the Virtual Verbier Festival

Virtual Verbier Festival 2020

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Before he was a teenager, Evgeny Kissin announced himself to the world as a musical genius, a preternaturally virtuosic pianist whose gifts have never ceased to amaze audiences and collaborators in the decades since. He is known for his unerring and ostensibly superhuman technique, which he skillfully marries with a refined artistic sensibility, a mature sense of dynamism and structure, and a lack of pretense. A notable mainstay of the Verbier Festival who participated in its very first edition in 1994, he has returned regularly to make incredible music and to listen to his idols perform. 

This day devoted to the art of Evgeny Kissin gives us the perfect opportunity to revisit some of his mythical Verbier performances of years past, to marvel at his continued evolution from child prodigy to uncontested master, and to see why his name is often spoken alongside those of Horowitz, Rubinstein, and Richter.

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Evgeny Kissin appears courtesy of Deutsche Grammophon.


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