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concert Marin Alsop conducts Prokofiev, Saint-Saëns, and Ravel Britten-Pears Orchestra

Britten-Pears Orchestra

Marin Alsop conducts Prokofiev, Saint-Saëns, and Ravel Britten-Pears Orchestra


A concert for the young (and young at heart) conducted by the great Marin Alsop! The evening begins with Prokofiev’s unforgettable musical fairytale Peter and the Wolf, an exciting opportunity for children to discover some of the many different instruments that make up the orchestra. Next comes The Carnival of the Animals, a “grand zoological fantasy” where Saint-Saëns parodies some of his contemporaries through music: Offenbach in “Tortoises”, Berlioz in “The Elephant”, Rameau in “Hens and Roosters”, and Rossini in “Fossils”! The concert finishes with Ravel’s Mother Goose, which brings to life the fantastical world of childhood stories and dreams.


  • Genevieve and Rebecca Helsby | Texts
  • Britten–Pears Orchestra
  • Marin Alsop | Conductor, Narrator


  • Sergei Prokofiev, Peter and the Wolf
    • Introduction
    • "Early one morning, Peter opened the gate and went out into the Big Green Meadow"
    • "Suddenly, Something Caught Peter's Attention"
    • "Grandfather Came Out"
    • "No Sooner Had Peter Gone, Than a Big Grey Wolf Came Out of the Forest"
    • "And Now This Is How Things Stood"
    • "He Ran Home, Got A Strong Rope And Climbed up the High Stone Wall"
    • "The Hunters Came Out of the Woods"
    • The Triumphant Procession to the Zoo
  • Camille Saint-Saëns, Le Carnaval des animaux
    • 1. Introduction and Royal March of the Lion
    • 2. Hens and Roosters
    • 3. Wild Asses
    • 4. Tortoises
    • 5. The Elephant
    • 6. Kangaroos
    • 7. Aquarium
    • 8. Characters with Long Ears
    • 9. The Cuckoo in the Depths of the Woods
    • 10. Aviary
    • 11. Pianists
    • 12. Fossils
    • 13. The Swan
    • 14. Finale
  • Maurice Ravel, Ma mère l'Oye
    • I. Pavane de la Belle au bois dormant – Lent
    • II. Petit Poucet – Très modéré
    • III. Laideronnette, Impératrice des Pagodes – Mouvement de marche
    • IV. Les entretiens de la Belle et de la Bête – Mouvement de valse très modéré
    • V. Le Jardin féerique – Lent et grave


  • Directed by:
    • Götz Filenius
  • Venue: Snape Maltings Concert Hall (Aldeburgh, Great Britain)
  • Production date: 2018
  • Duration: 1 h 18 min
  • Production: © Naxos
  • Available version(s): EN
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