Maria João Pires and Renaud Capuçon play Mozart and Beethoven

Sommets Musicaux de Gstaad

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Maria João Pires — Pianist
Renaud Capuçon — Violinist

Program notes

Join us at the 22nd edition of the Sommets Musicaux de Gstaad in the company of the great Portuguese pianist Maria João Pires and French violin virtuoso Renaud Capuçon! They perform a program celebrating the sonata, keystone of the Classical era, beginning with Mozart's poignant Violin Sonata No. 21—written in 1778 while the composer was in Paris grieving the death of his mother, this moving sonata is Mozart's only instrumental work in the plaintive key of E Minor.

Next up is another of Mozart's violin sonatas, composed three years later: No. 27, written in the lighter tonality of G Major but suffused nonetheless with an air of contemplative solemnity, one of the Salzburg-born genius's finest works. Our two virtuosos bring their program to a close with the "Spring" Violin Sonata No. 5 in F Major by Beethoven, a thoroughly enchanting early work (1801) whose dazzling clarity endears first-time listeners as easily as those who already know and love it.

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Directed by:
Christophe Boula
Venue: Kirche Saanen (Gstaad, Switzerland)
Production date: 2022
Duration: 1 h 10 min
Production: © Paramax Films
Resolution: Full HD

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Monday, February 8, 2027