Le Balcon performs Arthur Lavandier's Légendes — With Léa Trommenschlager, Damien Pass, Clotilde Lacroix, and Lucas Ounissi

Festival Singer-Polignac

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Le Balcon

Léa Trommenschlager — Soprano

Damien Pass — Bass-baritone

Clotilde Lacroix — Cellist

Lucas Ounissi — Trombonist

Program notes

Join us at the gorgeous Fondation Singer-Polignac in Paris for an innovative and unique program from the 4th annual Festival Singer-Polignac as soloists from the renowned ensemble Le Balcon, known for their adventurous repertoire and innovative approach to performance, interpret two Légendes by contemporary composer Arthur Lavandier! Himself a founding member of Le Balcon, Lavandier—a longtime fan of stories and legends—found inspiration in the words of six different poets to craft these two thematically linked cycles. The first, Cosmogonies, features bass-baritone Damien Pass with cellist Clotilde Lacroix, and the second, Histoires naturelles, spotlights soprano Léa Trommenschlager and trombonist Lucas Ounissi.

Photo: Léa Trommenschlager © Andrey Chuntomov

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