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concert Herbert von Karajan conducts Strauss's Don Quixote Berliner Philharmoniker

Berliner Philharmoniker

Herbert von Karajan conducts Strauss's Don Quixote Berliner Philharmoniker


Enter the extravagant universe of Cervantes’s Don Quixote in Richard Strauss’s symphonic poem performed by the Berliner Philharmoniker under the direction of Herbert von Karajan, legendary personality of the 20th-century European musical scene. Strauss gives musical life to some of the novel’s most famous episodes, including the battle with the sheep, the windmills, and the encounter with Dulcinea. Having already recorded the work with Pierre Fournier and Rostropovich, in this version Karajan approaches an even greater level of perfection with the young cello virtuoso Antonio Meneses, winner of the 1982 Tchaikovsky Competition.

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  • Richard Strauss, Don Quixote, Op. 35
    • Introduction: Mäßiges Zeitmaß
    • Theme: mäßig. (Don Quixote loses his sanity after reading novels about knights, and decides to become a knight-errant)
    • Variation I: Gemächlich. (Adventure at the Windmills)
    • Variation II: Kriegerisch. (The victorious struggle against the army of the great emperor Alifanfaron)
    • Variation III: Mäßiges Zeitmaß. (Dialogue between Knight and Squire)
    • Variation IV: Etwas breiter. (Unhappy adventure with a procession of pilgrims)
    • Variation V: Sehr langsam. (The knight's vigil)
    • Variation VI: Schnell. (The Meeting with Dulcinea)
    • Variation VII: Ein wenig ruhiger als vorher. (The Ride through the Air)
    • Variation VIII: Gemächlich. (The unhappy voyage in the enchanted boat)
    • Variation IX: Schnell und stürmisch. (Battle with the magicians)
    • Variation X: Viel breiter. (Duel with the knight of the bright moon)
    • Finale: Sehr ruhig. (Death of Don Quixote)


  • Directed by:
  • Venue: Berlin Philharmonie (Berlin, Germany)
  • Production date: 1991
  • Recording date: 1986
  • Duration: 45 min
  • Production: © Telemondial
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